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Breeze Detergent Liquid Colour Care 3.6Ltr

৳ 1,750.00
Breeze Detergent Liquid colour care 3.6Ltr (Thailand) Breeze Color Care Liquid Detergent is very effective, it makes colored clothes look new and bright, also, it cleans the clothes well and it leaves a fresh and pleasant smell on the clothes for a long time, the price is also good. Very effective detergent for colored clothes. Imported Product Order online to get the product Product Type: Dishwashing Good & Best Product, 100% Fresh and Genuine Products.

Breeze Detergent Powder Colour Care 2.3kg

৳ 1,490.00
Breeze Detergent Powder Colour Care 2.3kg Breeze Powder Detergent eliminates the need for long soaks, heavy scrubbing and excessive bleaching. This formula effectively removes stubborn stains and eliminates unpleasant odors, maintaining the color and quality of your clothes and leaving them soft on your hands.

Colour Care – Protecting and Enhancing Your Hair’s Vibrancy

When it comes to hair care, one of the most important aspects to consider is colour care. Whether you have natural or dyed hair, maintaining the vibrancy and longevity of your hair colour is essential. Fortunately, there are numerous products available that can help protect and enhance your hair’s colour.

One of the key factors in colour care is using products specifically formulated for coloured hair. These products are designed to be gentle on the hair while also providing the necessary nutrients to keep the colour looking fresh and vibrant. Look for shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free and contain ingredients like argan oil or keratin, which can help nourish and protect the hair.

In addition to using the right products, it’s also important to follow a few simple tips to maintain your hair colour. Avoid excessive heat styling, as high temperatures can cause the colour to fade more quickly. When using hot tools, always use a heat protectant spray to minimize damage. Additionally, try to limit your exposure to the sun, as UV rays can also cause colour fading.

Regular touch-ups at the salon are another crucial aspect of colour care. As your hair grows, the roots will start to show, and this can make the colour appear dull and uneven. By getting regular touch-ups, you can ensure that your hair colour remains consistent and vibrant.

If you’re looking to enhance your hair’s colour even further, there are also products available that can help intensify and prolong the colour. Colour-depositing shampoos and conditioners are a great option for refreshing your colour between salon visits.

Overall, colour care is an essential part of any hair care routine. By using the right products, following proper maintenance techniques, and getting regular touch-ups, you can keep your hair colour looking beautiful and vibrant for longer.

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