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Astonish Household daily shower shine 750ml

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Astonish Daily Shower Cleaner 750 ml Spray Bottle.

Astonish Shower self clean is a unique dual action formulation which keeps your shower hygenically clean without the need for scrubbing or rinsing. It has been specially formulated and developed to kill bacteria and prevent the build up on limescale, soap scum, bathrrom grime and mould and mildew on plastic and glass screens, enamel trays and tiles. and vinyl curtains..
1 x 750ml Astonish Daily Shower Shine.

Astonish Household Daily Shower Shine 750ml: The Perfect Solution for a Sparkling Clean Bathroom

Keeping your bathroom clean and shiny is essential for maintaining a hygienic and fresh environment. With Astonish Household Daily Shower Shine 750ml, achieving a spotless and gleaming bathroom has never been easier.

Formulated with powerful cleaning agents, this shower shine spray effortlessly removes soap scum, watermarks, and limescale, leaving your shower and bathroom fixtures looking as good as new. Its unique formula also helps to prevent the build-up of grime and dirt, making your cleaning routine easier and more efficient.

What sets Astonish Household Daily Shower Shine apart from other cleaning products is its ability to provide a long-lasting shine. With just a few sprays, you can enjoy a sparkling clean shower that stays cleaner for longer. Say goodbye to the hassle of constant scrubbing and hello to a bathroom that always looks its best.

Not only does Astonish Household Daily Shower Shine deliver exceptional cleaning results, but it is also safe to use on a variety of surfaces. Whether you have a glass shower door, tiles, or chrome fixtures, this versatile spray will effectively remove dirt and grime without causing any damage.

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